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06 November 2008 @ 08:17 pm
TVXQ (DBSK), Big Bang, Rain, Kim Jong Kuk and the Wonder Girls will take the stage together on the 9th at 4pm at the Seoul Olympic Park to "Spread the Love."

These top stars will be performing at a concert sponsored by Nongshim (Ramen company) at the "2008 Nongshim Spread the Love concert (2008 농심 사랑나눔 콘서트)."

All that's required to attend the concert? A donation of 2 packs of Nongshim Shin ramen, which Nongshim will then add onto their 1,000 boxes of Shin ramen and donate to the poor via the Red Cross Society.

Credits: allkpop ; v i t a ✖ d o l c e@af ; olive_101 
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OMG, finally! I can't believe this. It's like the most awesome concert ever, so I guess lots of fans would be willing to donate. Isn't that a nice strategy, haha! But seriously, TVXQ + BIG BANG + RAIN is just 8DDDDD! Plus the Wonder Girls are so famous for their catchy songs, and Kim Jong Kook is a great ballad singer. :D</lj>
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